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Types of Work

Types of Work We Offer

In addition to the expert security guarding that Commissionaires is known for, we also offer a full range of enforcement, identification and training services to our clients, creating diverse and interesting employment for commissionaires. As a commissionaire, you will have the opportunity to work full-time, part-time or casually in a variety of environments—from airports to seaports, corporate sites, holding centres, government sites and more—each with its own rewarding experiences.

Not all positions are available at all times in all areas. Search for available positions in your area.


Security Positions

Commissionaires’ security solutions division is the cornerstone of our organization. We have been protecting people and property across Canada for 85 years.

Security Guarding

Security guards work in shifts for 24/7 coverage in a wide range of situations in both government and commercial enterprises, patrolling the interior and exterior of site locations, monitoring surveillance equipment, administering access control and checking ID, as well as observing and reporting any disturbances to authorities.

Some security guarding positions involve dealing with the public while providing information, directions, multi-lingual help for tourists, and a security presence in government buildings.

Advanced guarding positions hold a higher level of security clearance and work in top secret locations, administering access control and providing site surveillance, while maintaining the client’s confidentiality on all matters.

Mobile Patrol Response

Mobile response commissionaires work diligently in shifts for 24/7 coverage to monitor and maintain safety in both residential and business environments. This position patrols client premises and in the event of an incident, such as suspicious activity or an actual break-in, is the first on-scene to handle the matter and re-establish security.

Site Supervisor

A site supervisor is assigned to each site where commissionaires are employed, providing leadership and support to the commissionaires at the site and responding to the client’s needs. The site supervisor reports and investigates any on-the-job accidents, sets up work schedules and acts as the link between the corporate office and the site.

Enforcement Positions

Commissionaires’ enforcement division provides the highest standard of service in non-core policing and detention services, offering a broad range of services to provincial and municipal governments and police forces.

Bylaw Enforcement Officers

Enforcement officers enforce municipal bylaws on parking, noise, animals, and more. Enforcement positions may involve educating the public on bylaws, ticketing vehicles and people when necessary, patrolling areas on foot and in a vehicle, as well as collecting parking meter revenues.

Detention Guard for RCMP Detachment

This position involves monitoring and safeguarding persons in custody. These on-call positions are available in a number of RCMP locations across Canada.

Cell Guards

Cell guards assist police detachments in the security and administrative aspects of maintaining a secure environment by monitoring cells, checking people in and out of detention cells, organizing transport to the courthouse, outsourcing cell cleaning and some office duties.

Identification Positions

Commissionaires offers a full range of identification services such as fingerprinting, police clearances, pardons, security licensing services, background screening and identification cards to businesses and the public. These services are offered at our ID processing locations, or a member of our Mobile Service Team will travel to customer premises.

Identification Services Coordinator and Senior Identification Services Coordinator

Identification staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the process involved with fingerprinting, police clearances, pardons and other ID services, providing a comfortable customer experience to the public and to businesses when providing these identification solutions. Senior ID Coordinators supervise the efficient operation of our processing locations including scheduling of mobile services.

Mobile ID Services Technician

Members of our Mobile Service Team are friendly and knowledgeable in the areas mentioned above (Identifications Services Coordinator) and travel to customer premises to deliver fingerprinting, police clearances and other identification services.


Commissionaires’ training instructors are involved in training Commissionaires’ new-hires, members of the public and business students in a range of training programs, including Security Guard and Supervisor Training, Customer Service and First Aid.

Corporate Office Positions

From time to time, positions become available in our offices across Canada. The areas of Human Resources, Operations, Marketing, IT, Finance and Administration all employ people to help with the successful business operation of our Commissionaires divisions.

On Call Reserve Positions

Commissionaires offers rewarding on-call work to responsible individuals in a variety of locations across the country. Candidates must be responsible, available to work morning, afternoon or evening shifts and interested in:

  • supplementing their income;
  • occasional work to bridge the gap between jobs;
  • the opportunity to work part-time with a view to becoming full-time.