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Process Serving

Basic Personal Service

  • 3 service attempts
  • Preparation/swearing of affidavits for the service
  • Call for pricing and to book and appointment


Process Serving:

  • Confidential, discrete, secure handling and fulfillment of all legal requirements.
  • Experienced, professional, uniformed/plain clothes personnel.
  • Field locates & surveillance capability.
  • Direct coordination with law enforcement agencies.
  • Multiple officers can be dispatched to handle large or complex situations.
  • Service available across Canada.

Registry Search:

  •  Corporate Registry, Court searches, Land Titles, Personal Property and more from BC Registries.

Court Filing:

  •  Filing conducted for registries within the Capital Region. eFile or paper filing available.

What is a Process Server?

A Process Server is a person who is authorized to deliver documents (usually Court documents) to anyone involved in any type of Legal proceeding.

What types of documents does a Process Server deal with?

Civil Court

Family Court

Provincial Court

Residential Tenancy

Small Claims Court

Supreme Court

Do I need a Process Server?

There are some documents that you can serve yourself. For some documents, this may not be possible or advisable. There are some forms that must be served by a Process Server or Bailiff.

Is there a benefit to using a Process Server?

Absolutely. We are familiar with the legal system and can help to guide you through the procedure. We act as an independent third party, so there’s no need to involve family or friends. Our team of Commissionaires and Agents across Canada have a tremendous amount of experience in this business. We will not only serve your documents, we will also provide you with the appropriate Affidavit of Service or Certificate of Service you are required to bring back to your lawyer or the Courts.

Tips to assist us in getting the job done as efficiently as possible:

To prepare us for service, try to provide the following information & documentation on the person to be served:

  • Photo
  • Physical description
  • Contact numbers or email address
  • Employer
  • Daily routine / schedule / habits
  • Description of vehicle driven
  • Are they likely or unlikely to avoid service?
  • Are they expecting the documents?
  • Provide us with 2 copies of each document to be served

Good things to know:

The majority of Commissionaires and either retired Military Personnel, RCMP Officers or other Peace Officers. We are dedicated professionals with privacy and reliability as our top priority.


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