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Security Guarding

Comissionaires Professional Security Guarding Services

When you hire security guards from Commissionaires Victoria, the Islands and Yukon (CVIY),  you are hiring highly-trained professionals who can think on their feet. Commissionaire security guards are able to handle security situations and emergencies, as well as prevent and defuse security  issues. Our commissionaires are available round the clock and are backed by the support of experienced supervisors and managers who are also available 24/7. Our twofold commitment: Provide the very best, dependable security guards and the highest level of customer service.

Our commissionaires are:

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Flexible and adaptable.

Whether you need to supplement your own security services or outsource all your security requirements, we can fill your specific needs. We can also train our commissionaires on your equipment and technology. You can hire commissionaires on a 24/7 basis, full-time or part-time, to work directly with the public or behind the scenes.

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Experienced and diverse in background.

Many of our commissionaires and management team are former military and RCMP members who bring front-line security experience to their current roles. We hire people of all ages, with a variety of backgrounds to ensure a strong, diverse and professional workforce.

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Part of a dynamic organization.

Commissionaires has 87 years of security experience in protecting people, information and property and providing peace of mind to our clients.

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Our security uniform ensures our staff look both presentable and professional when they represent our clients. It also gives them a sense of pride, symbolizing the integrity and commitment with which they do their jobs.

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Trained to high standards.

Commissionaires receive security training that meets or exceed provincially mandated standards as well as superior on the job training.

Our Clients

We serve a variety of clients with the same high standard of service. Our clients include:

  • Large and small businesses: Offices, mills, shipyards and other industrial facilities;
  • Ports: Sea ports, harbours and airports;
  • Public and private organizations: such as museums, art galleries, schools, colleges;
  • Residential Developments: Condominiums.

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